AR# 6113


4.2i Functional Logic Simulator - Gate-level simulation on a flattened EDN file causes "Warning 9199: Unknown component - U1, sym_name"


Keyword: EDN, EDIF, create, macro, from, netlist, unknown, component

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I can generally perform functional gate-level simulation by clicking the "Simulation" button from Schematic Editor. However, when I perform gate-level simulation on a project with symbols created from a netlist, warnings such as the following are reported:

"Loading - M1616SR5
Forcing zero-delay default timing values
Warning 9199: Unknown component - U1, Myreg16
Warning 9199: Unknown component - U10, MySR1
Warning 9199: Unknown component - U12, ADDERX
Warning 9199: Unknown component - U13, REG2REG"

All components and functionalities are instantiated in the flattened netlist (.EDN file). However, the simulation of this design results in an unknown (Z) value.


These warnings are reported because the Foundation gate simulator is not translating the lower level simulation modules appropriately. There are two ways to work around this problem:

1. Simulate the particular netlist (.edn file) by itself:

- Go to the Project Manager window -> Tools -> Simulation/Verification -> Gate Simulator.
- In the pop-up window, select "Netlist to Load", and click "OK".
- Select the netlist -> Open. You are now ready to simulate.

2. Simulate the entire project with the netlist included in it:

- Click on the "Implementation" button in the Project Manager (PM) window.
- Run the design and stop after "Translate" (the first step).
- In the PM window, click on Tools -> Simulation/Verification -> Checkpoint Gate simulation Control...
- Select an NGD file and click "OK". You are now ready to simulate.
AR# 6113
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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