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AR# 61177

Licensing - Number of Seats for an activation license is not reflected properly in VLM


I create a request for two or more seats of an activation based (Trusted Storage) server / floating license.

  • The Manage Licenses Page in my Xilinx license account shows that the correct number of seats are included in the license
  • and,
  • The request seems to be processed correctly and the license can be checked out after starting the license manager on the server.

  • In the xilinx.xml file sent via email, the number of seats visible in the increment line only shows 1
  • and,
  • When I look in the Vivado License Manager (VLM), the server activation licensing only shows that 1 seat is available.

Why do I only see one seat?

Will all of the seats requested be available for use?


VLM incorrectly shows only one license seat available. This will be fixed after Xilinx is able to upgrade to a later version of the Flexera Toolkit, where this issue is fixed in the API used for this column value.

The Increment line seen in the XML file for an activation based floating license will always be '1'.  In the XML file there is a section called maxHyb and availHyb and this is where the number of seats is shown. The "Borrow/Restore License seat" page of the Vivado License manager correctly displays the total number of seats and the number of borrowable seats.

Until this issue is fixed, you can see the number of seats available in the following ways:

  • The "Borrow/Restore License seat" page of VLM correctly displays the total number of seats and the number of borrowable seats.
  • Run the command below on the license server machine:
xlicsrvrmgr -v "format=long" 

Look at the Concurrent and Hybrid lines to get the correct number of seats.

In the following example, there are 200 seats available and 5 borrowable seats. If the Concurrent line is not present, the Hybrid line represents the number of available seats.

Fulfillment Id : FID_20150126163736
Fulfillment Type : 6 Publisher Activation
Trust Flags : 0x7 Fully Trusted
Status : Enabled
Entitlement Id : EID_20150126163736
Product Id : PID_20150126163736
Expiration Date : 30-apr-2015
Server chain : Server1
Feature Line(s) :

INCREMENT SDK xilinxd 2015.12 30-apr-2015 1 840040102880 \

Concurrent : 200
Activatable : 0
Hybrid : 5
Concurrent overdraft : 0
Activatable overdraft : 0
Hybrid overdraft : 0
Repair : 0

AR# 61177
Date 02/12/2016
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.2
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