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AR# 61194

DDS Compiler v6.0 - Need detail explanation on full range amplitude mode specified in pg141


In PG141 DDS compiler, page 58, regarding The full range amplitude mode it states:

"Aimed at communications applications where the maximum amplitude within the twos complement representation is desired, but the value of amplitude is less important"

This solution provides more information on what to expect out of the core in full range amplitude mode.


The amplitude scaling factor applied is (1.0-1.0/2.0^(c_output_width-2)).

When Taylor series correction is used, interpolation is used so the amplitude will vary between this value and 1.0-1ulp i.e. up to but not exceeding the largest value which can be expressed in 2's complement for the output width specified.
AR# 61194
Date 06/19/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • DDS Compiler
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