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AR# 61284

Partial Reconfiguration - Is it possible to reuse Reconfigurable Modules with a new Static Design?


When I make a change in the Static Logic, does this affect the Reconfigurable Modules? 


Yes, any change in the Static Logic design forces the reconfigurable models to be re-implemented.
This is because a
ll of the routing and placement of the reconfigurable module must remain in the respective pblock of the reconfigurable partition.

However, routing from the static design can cross or pass in and out through any of the reconfigurable partitions.
Information about these crossings is part of the partial bitstream for the reconfigurable modules.

As a result, changing the static design implies a change of this "static" information and forces a re-implementation of the reconfigurable models.

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AR# 61284
Date 12/10/2014
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