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AR# 61303

7 Series Transceiver Wizard 3.3 - VHDL errors with selecting 'TX off'


There are two setup scenarios for the 7 series Transceiver Wizard in Vivado 2014.2 where errors in the VHDL code prevent out-of-context synthesis.

1. when 'TX off' is selected, but TXOUTCLK is still active as USRCLK source for the RX the following errors occur (using TXOUTCLK, when the TX is powered down, might not work anyway):

GTP/GTH (default wizard setup, and select 'TX off'):

ERROR: [Synth 8-1031] gt0_txusrclk_in is not declared [....../test/project_3/project_3.srcs/sources_1/ip/gtwizard_0/gtwizard_0_init.vhd:496]

GTX shows no errors.

2. when 'TX off' is selected and the QPLL is used the following errors occur:

GTX/GTH (default wizard setup, select 'TX off' and QPLL for RX, RXOUTCLK used as clock source for RX):

ERROR: [Synth 8-1031] gtrefclk0_in is not declared [....../test/project_3/project_3.srcs/sources_1/ip/gtwizard_0_0/gtwizard_0_gt.vhd:786]
ERROR: [Synth 8-1649] attribute event requires a static signal prefix [....../test/project_3/project_3.srcs/sources_1/ip/gtwizard_0_0/gtwizard_0_gt.vhd:786]
ERROR: [Synth 8-1031] gtrefclk0_in is not declared [....../test/project_3/project_3.srcs/sources_1/ip/gtwizard_0_0/gtwizard_0_gt.vhd:786]
ERROR: [Synth 8-1031] gtrefclk0_in is not declared ....../test/project_3/project_3.srcs/sources_1/ip/gtwizard_0_0/gtwizard_0_gt.vhd:784]
ERROR: [Synth 8-1031] gtrefclk0_in is not declared [....../test/project_3/project_3.srcs/sources_1/ip/gtwizard_0_0/gtwizard_0_gt.vhd:800]
ERROR: [Synth 8-1031] cpllreset_in is not declared [....../test/project_3/project_3.srcs/sources_1/ip/gtwizard_0_0/gtwizard_0_gt.vhd:801]


To prevent these errors, especially in the second setup, you will need to enable the TX in the GUI.

Additionally, the TXPOWERDOWN can be selected in the GUI as an optional port to do the power down of the TX when connecting the core.

AR# 61303
Date 08/25/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Artix-7
  • Kintex-7
  • Virtex-7
  • 7 Series FPGAs Transceivers Wizard
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