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Vivado HLS: XAPP1209 v1.0 download link for design file does not work.


In XAPP1209 "Designing Protocol Processing Systems with Vivado High-Level Synthesis" version v1.0, dated "May 30, 2014", there is a link on page 13 to download the design files for this application note.

However the link does not seem to work.

The link in version 1.0 of the doc leads to a login page but subsequently the file download does not start.

How can the design files be downloaded?


At the time of writing this Answer Record, the following download link can be used:

Users can also search for the design files on by doing the following:

  • Starting from, click "Documentation" on the top row of links.
  • Select the tab "Design Tools"
  • "Vivado Design Suite" is selected by default > Select the link "Application Notes" under "By Document Type"
  • On the new results page, search for XAPP1209. This will link to the login page to download the design files.

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