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2014.2 Vivado Sysgen - Compilation fails for SLX and MDL files which include OPMODE block when using Matlab R2014a


My Sysgen MDL/SLX design contains an OPMODE block from the Xilinx Blockset.

However, the design does not generate when using Matlab R2014a.

After attaching the SLX/MDL file to a Vivado project as a source and then selecting "Generate Output Products" in the Vivado GUI, the following error message is reported in the Matlab console:

Error using xlGenerateForPA (line 35)
Failed to netlist model 'test_opmode.slx' (error code 4). Errors occurred during netlist generation.
'test_opmode/Opmode' has an invalid constant (inf) sample time. Discrete states, continuous states, and tunable parameters are not allowed with constant sample times.

The generation also appears to fail when run from a Sysgen Token but the error message is not displayed and it is not clear what has caused the error to occur.


This is a known issue in Matlab and cannot be resolved within the Vivado Sysgen environment.

To work around the issue:

1) Revert back to Matlab R2013b

2) If feasible use the CONSTANT block instead of the OPMODE block in your model. (See (Xilinx Answer 61951))

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AR# 61346
Date 04/15/2015
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