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AR# 61349

2014.2 Petalinux - FSBL chooses AXI-UART as the default stdin/stdout instead of PS7-UART


In my hardware, I have an additional axi-uart -6550 IP block. 

During the operation of the petalinux-config --get-hw-description PetaLinux 2014.2 incorrectly selects the axi-uart-16550 peripheral as the default UART instead of the Zynq ps7-uart peripheral.  

Is there a way for users to change this behavior?


To work around this behavior, follow the steps below:

First, from the PetaLinux project directory, run petalinux-config.  

Next, in the menuconfig go to "Linux Components Selection" and disable "First Stage Bootloader".  

This prevents PetaLinux from automatically managing the FSBL settings.

With automated management disabled, the FSBL software application can be modified in the following way to mitigate the problem:

  • Modify your BSP to use the appropriate UART in the system.mss file found in the <petalinux_proj>/components/bootloader/zynq_fsbl/zynq_fsbl_bsp directory .
  • Make sure ARM toolchain is in the search path (for example, <XSDK_2014.2_INSTALL>/gnu/arm/lin/bin/)
  • From the <petalinux_proj>/components/bootloader/zynq_fsbl/zynq_fsbl_bsp  directory, run make clean and then make. 
  • From the <petalinux_proj>/components/bootloader/zynq_fsbl/  directory, run make clean and then make. 

Note: the fsbl ELF will be generated as executable.elf in the <petalinux_proj>/components/bootloader/zynq_fsbl/ dir. 

Once the executable.elf has been generated, package up the files to make the BOOT.BIN file, making sure you choose this executable for FSBL:

petalinux-package --boot --fsbl=<petalinux_proj>/components/bootloader/zynq_fsbl/executable.elf --fpga <fpga_bitstream> --u-boot -o <output_path_BOOT.BIN>
AR# 61349
Date 08/08/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Zynq-7000
  • PetaLinux - 2014.2
  • Vivado Design Suite
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