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AR# 61375

LogiCORE IP LTE Fast Fourier Transform v2.0(Rev. 5) - The IP outputs incorrect results when running behavioral simulation with VCS-MX I-2014.03 or VCS-MX I-2014.03-2


Behavioral simulation of the LTE Fast Fourier Transform v2.0 with VCS-MX I-2014.03 or VCS-MX I-2014.03-2 can result in the IP core outputs being incorrect.


Xilinx has verified that the IP core simulates successfully with VCS-MX H-2013.06-sp1, and that the simulation results are correct. 

Alternatively, a different simulator such as Vivado Simulator can be used to perform behavioral simulation of the IP.

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AR# 61375
Date 05/18/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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