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AR# 61451

2014.2 Vivado - Error issued when opening the synthesized/implemented design with only one .xpr file


According to the Vivado 2014.2 Release notes (UG973), I should be able to recreate a project by opening a standalone project .xpr file that was checked into source control.
When I attempt to open a project with only one .xpr file, I get the following critical warnings:

CRITICAL WARNING: [Project 1-19] Could not find the file ' XX/vivado_2/project_1/project_1.ioplanning/constrs_1/designprops.xml'.
CRITICAL WARNING: [Project 1-19] Could not find the file ' XX/vivado_2/project_1/project_1.ioplanning/constrs_1/usercols.xml'.

After running Synthesis/Implementation and opening the synthesized/implemented design, an error occurs and the synthesized/implemented design cannot be opened properly.

ERROR: [Common 17-48] File not found: XX/vivado_2/project_1/project_1.ioplanning/constrs_1/designprops.xml

Do I need these files? 


These files are generated for a pin planning project and support the following features:
  • ports.xml contains port direction data of a pin planning project. 
    Without this file, the I/O ports directions will be unknown, making the design useless because it would disable many DRC checks.
  • designprops.xml contains part compatible data, allowing the user to create a pin plan that would migrate to many other parts.
  • usercols.xml contains texts that a user can set on a package pin.
These files need to be included in revision control and should not be deleted.

If the files have already been deleted when you get these Critical Warnings:
  • If you have exported I/O's into a CSV files, recovery of the ports.xml and usercols.xml can be done by importing the CSV file.
  • For designprop.xml, the compatible parts are not recoverable. 
    However, the .xdc file contains the prohibit constraints that were derived from the compatible parts.

This should no longer be an issue in Vivado 2014.3.

AR# 61451
Date 12/10/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.4
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.1
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.2
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