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AXI BFM Licensing FAQ


This article answers common questions asked regarding licensing the AXI Bus Functional Model (AXI BFM)


IP Facts:
  • In order to run AXI BFM or Zynq BFM simulation, an AXI BFM license needs to be purchased. 
  • Xilinx is not able to provide a free evaluation license, unlike other Xilinx IP and software.
  • AXI BFM is licensed as a software feature rather than an IP.
1) Can I continue to use my expired existing model with 2014.2 designs?

This is a version expiry license and any Vivado SW that is released up to the point of BFM license expiry will work.

For example:

If the version limit is set to 2013.12 (Dec of 2013), that means that the current AXI-BFM licenses will work with ISE 14.7/Vivado 2013.4 and older releases, forever. 

However, a license with a version limit of 2013.12 will not work with Vivado 2014.1 or newer software versions.
2) If 1) does not apply, how do I renew or upgrade my existing model?
You will have to buy a new license using the new part number.
3) Is the model API compatible between DO-AXI-BFM and EF-AXI-BFM such that my existing simulations will work with the new model?
There are no changes in the API specific to the license.

However, the API may continue to change in newer software versions, unrelated to the license version.
4) What is the difference between DO-AXI-BFM and EF-AXI-BFM?

There are no technical changes, this is only a rename of the part.
AR# 61473
Date 08/27/2014
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