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AR# 61527

Vivado IP Flows - [Project 1-311] Could not find the file 'pathfilename.coe',...


I get a critical warning like the one below in the following situations:

  • I have copied or moved a project containing IP cores with COE coefficient files and open the project in a different directory to the original directory
  • When I import an IP core (XCI) file that has an associated COE file into a project

[Project 1-311] Could not find the file 'C:/../../../../../../test/mydir/project_name/project_name.srcs/sources_1/imports/core_name/core_name.coe', nor could it be found using path 'C:/test/mydir/project_name/project_name.srcs/sources_1/imports/core_name/core_name.coe'.

Looking at the XCI file there is a path to the COE file relative to the original project location.

What can I do to fix this?


You should be able to re-associate the COE file by using the customization GUI of the IP or using the set_property Tcl command on the appropriate CONFIG.* property of the IP.

The relative path that you see should be relative to the .xci file. So, if you know that relative path, the COE file can be manually copied to that location relative to the .xci.

The COE file is a user managed file and is not tracked by the IP core. Thus when moving from one OS to another or if the relative path between the .coe and .xci file changes, the user needs to manage the COE file. In a standard project it is recommend to add the COE file to the project as a source and then reference the IP to that. Alternatively you could put the COE in the IP directory as Vivado uses relative paths from the XCI to the COE when referencing the IP.

If the .coe file message continues to be displayed after closing and reopening a project, even though the IP core has been regenerated, the reference can be removed from the IP core (for example, "remove_files <erroneous_file>").

See Also: (Xilinx Answer 60309)

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AR# 61527
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