AR# 6172


XABEL: Can't find file x.bl0; BLIF2EQN can only translate projects with 4 or fewer functional_block (hierarchy) statements


Keywords: Abel, Xabel, BLIF2EQN, functional block, .bl0, hierarchy

Urgency: standard

General Description: When compiling a design with 5 or more functional_block
statements, ABL2EDIF fails with the error "can't find x.bl0 file".


This is an issue with the subprogram BLIF2EQN, which translates BLIF
(Berkeley Logic Interchange Format) files into logical equations for the
report. BLIF2EQN can only handle up to four hierarchical functional_blocks.

There are a couple workarounds:

1) Re-Write the code with 4 or fewer functional_block statements.
2) Create a batch file that omits the call to BLIF2EQN. One can do this
by compiling a design with fewer than 4 functional block statements,
then editing the abl2edif.log file and deleting everything but the
program calls, excluding those program calls to BLIF2EQN.
One can then run the batch file from a DOS prompt.

An example batch file is shown below: In this example the top level Abel file, test,
contains five functional_blocks, sub1 through sub5. Note that ahdl2blf and blifopt
need to be run only once for each lower level .abl file even if the file is used
multiple times in the top level file.
ahdl2blf test.abl -mod test -ojhd compile -err P0.err

blifopt test.bl0 -o test.bl1 -red bypin choose -collaps -err b0.err

ahdl2blf sub1.abl -mod sub1 -ojhd compile -err cont8.err

blifopt sub1.bl0 -o sub1.bl1 -red bypin choose -collaps -err cont8.err

ahdl2blf sub2.abl -mod sub2 -ojhd compile -err cont8.err

blifopt sub2.bl0 -o sub2.bl1 -red bypin choose -collaps -err cont8.err

ahdl2blf sub3.abl -mod sub3 -ojhd compile -err cont8.err

blifopt sub3.bl0 -o sub3.bl1 -red bypin choose -collaps -err cont8.err

ahdl2blf sub4.abl -mod sub4 -ojhd compile -err cont8.err

blifopt sub4.bl0 -o sub4.bl1 -red bypin choose -collaps -err cont8.err

ahdl2blf sub5.abl -mod sub5 -ojhd compile -err cont8.err

blifopt sub5.bl0 -o sub5.bl1 -red bypin choose -collaps -err cont8.err

bliflink test.bl1 -o test.bl2 -omod Prueba -err b1.err

blifopt test.bl2 -o test.bl3 -red bypin choose -collaps -err b2.err

diofft test.bl3 -o test.bl4 -idev epld -dev CPLD_DTsyn -err b3.err

pifg_xa test.bl4 -o test.if -err b4.err

blif2net test.bl4 -o test.edn -str top -inc test.if -idev d:\fndtn\data\xlnxlib\xlnx_edf.rul -lib d:\fndtn\data\xlnxlib -err test.err

AR# 6172
Date 10/05/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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