AR# 61799


LogiCORE DisplayPort v4.2 Rev. 1 and earlier - GTP and GTH - Production reset DRP sequence could get in hung state that requires reconfiguration to recover


When using DisplayPort v4.2 Rev. 1 and earlier, production reset GTP and GTH DRP sequences can sometimes hang, requiring a reconfiguration to recover.


The failure is only seen when a second reset is issued to the core while a previous reset sequence is underway.  

The reset sequence is started automatically after configuration, so this could happen if the main core reset is toggled shortly after the device is configured. 

This issue has been resolved in the DisplayPort v4.2 Rev. 2 and later.

More details on this issue can be found in (Xilinx Answer 60489).

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AR# 61799
Date 08/18/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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