AR# 6187


V2.1i COREGEN: What's new in the 2.1i release of the CORE Generator System (TM)


Keywords: coregen, new, 2.1i

Urgency: hot

General Description:
What's new in the 2.1i release of the CORE Generator System?


Totally revised user interface

- project browsing support
- known projects access
- automatic recall of output format options on project-specific level
- enhanced access to information on module vendor, version, and supported architectures
- enhanced Core customization GUIs
- enhanced 3rd party CAE integration
- install and access integrated with Xilinx Implementation Tools software
- batch mode support
- integrated access to related Web sites
- new HDL behavioral simulation flow (see Xilinx Solution 6556 and the online
CORE Generator User Guide for more information)

New Virtex Cores (first increment):

- enhanced Block Memory cores
- Dynamic Constant Coefficient Multiplier
- Pipelined Divider

A complete list of all the cores delivered in the 2.1i release can be found
AR# 6187
Date 08/29/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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