AR# 6189


V2.1i COREGEN: List of existing / known projects does not always appear in COREGEN GUI known projects list dropdown


Keywords: coregen, known, project

Urgency: hot

General Description:
The list of existing projects displayed in the COREGEN "Getting Started" GUI
may not always display all existing projects.

A listing of existing projects is stored in the known.prj file located in
$XILINX/preferences. In some cases, you may need to specify a new
project twice to make it appear in the list of known projects in the

Another problem is that known.prj may be emptied when more than one
user is accessing the same installation of COREGEN at the same time.


There is no workaround to the first problem of newly created projects
not appearing in the known projects dropdown other than respecifying
the new project's location in COREGEN.

To minimize the possibility of disappearing project entries in the known
projects list from session to session, you can try to
keep a backup copy of known.prj under a different name at the
end of each COREGEN session. Prior to each COREGEN session,
copy this backup file back to the name, "known.prj" prior to starting up
AR# 6189
Date 08/29/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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