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AR# 61945

Vivado Sysgen - xlDiagnosticInfo does not return the Vivado environment information with Vivado Sysgen, how do I get the complete information on my environment?


To assist with Vivado Sysgen crashes, environment dumps from both Vivado and Sysgen are sometimes required.

This has changed from how it worked in ISE Sysgen.

In ISE Sysgen, the xlDiagnosticInfo command returns both the ISE environment and the Matlab/Sysgen environment.

However in Vivado Sysgen this is not the case, only the "System Generator Info Gathered from Matlab" section is returned in the "xilinx_diag_output.txt" file.

How can I get the complete environment information from Vivado?



This is now a 2 step procedure in Vivado Sysgen as opposed to the one step in ISE Sysgen.

First, run "xlDiagnosticInfo" from the Matlab/Sysgen console. 

This will generate a file called "xilinx_diag_output.txt" containing the Sysgen environment settings seen from within Matlab.

An example is attached to this AR.


Second, invoke the Vivado GUI from within the Matlab console using the following command:

>> !vivado


When the Vivado GUI has opened, run the "report_environment" command from the Tcl console to gather the following information into a text file:

  • System Information
  • Software environment information
  • Installation information
  • DLL information
  • License information



Note: this can take some time to run, depending on where license servers are located.

An example "vivado_env.txt" file is attached.




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AR# 61945
Date 11/24/2014
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