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AR# 61969

Licensing - What will Vivado License Manager (VLM) tell me about Xilinx license keys that are found?


What information will the Vivado License Manager (VLM) tell me about Xilinx license keys that are found?


VLM has two tables for licenses, one for certificate-based and the other for activation-based licenses.

The Certificate Based Licenses table is a superset of the information contained in the Activation Based Licenses table.

Activation Based Licenses differences are noted in the list below.
  • License Name The feature, increment or package name of the license key.
  • Tools/IP Indicates whether the license is for a Xilinx design tool application or enables the use of a LogiCORE IP Core.
  • Expiration Date Indicates when the license expires.
    Typically used for trial or evaluation licenses.
  • Version Limit Indicates the cutoff date (year and month) for released tools and updates.
    For example, the license will not enable a tool update released after this date.
    Older LogiCORE IP Core licenses will have a single number (e.g. '1.0') indicating that the license is good for that specific version of the LogiCORE IP Core only.
  • License Type (Server/Client) Indicates if the license is a Floating (Server activation) or a Node-Locked (Client activation) license.
  • Location For Floating or Server licenses, indicates the port number and server name where a license was found.
    For Node-Locked licenses, indicates the directory and file name where a license was found.
    For Client (activation) license, indicates the host-name of the machine where the client's trusted storage area is located.
  • # of Seats Indicates the number of seats enabled for the license feature.
    Since Node-Locked license keys are only valid for a single computer, they will generally be uncounted.
  • # of Seats Used The number of seats currently checked out for this feature.
  • Host ID in License File (certificate only) Indicates the Host ID to which the license key is locked.
  • Host ID Matches (certificate only) Indicates whether the license key Host ID matches a Host ID connected to the machine running VLM.
  • License CRC (certificate only) Indicates if the license key appears to be valid for use on the current machine.
    Note: License expiration date is not considered in this calculation.
  • Search Order The order in which Xilinx Licenses were located.
  • License Vendor String Echoes the value of the VENDOR_STRING line in the license file.
    This string can give more detailed information about the feature, when it was generated and who it was generated for.
AR# 61969
Date 10/03/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • SoC
  • FPGA Device Families
  • Vivado Design Suite
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