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AR# 62009

SDK - How to Create Static Libraries using SDK?


What is the procedure to create static library files (*.a ) using SDK.


Generally, an archiver (ar) utility is used to create static library files (*.a). 

If you are using Zynq, you can use the utility arm-xilinx-eabi-ar.

If you are using MicroBlaze, you can use the utility mb-ar.

For Example:

arm-xilinx-eabi-ar   -rcs  libcustom.a   source1.o   source2.o

If you have an SDK project from which you wish to create a *.a file, follow the procedure below:


1.       In SDK, Right Click on your Project > Properties

2.       In the project properties window, click C/C++ Build > Settings and open the Build Artifact Tab as shown:

3.       Select Static Library as Artifact name: and a as Artifact extension. If you wish, you can keep lib as the Output prefix

4.     Add the -rcs Archiver flags as shown.

The flag means to insert with replacement, means to create a new archive, and means to write an index.

5.       The SDK console should look similar to the following:

6.       You should now have an archives section in your project folder:


AR# 62009
Date 04/16/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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