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AR# 62229

2014.2 Vivado - After upgrading my Vivado project to version 2014.2, Generate Block Design fails to execute


I recently upgraded a Vivado project to a newer version (in this case Vivado 2014.2).

Now, when I select a Block Design (BD) in the project and click on Generate Block Design in Flow Navigator, nothing appears to happen.


The most likely reason for Generate Block Design not to run is because the IP are locked.

The IP cores within the BD will be locked if the IP version they were created with is older that the IP version that is available in the version of Vivado being used.

The Generate Block Design command is not allowed in this case because the IP version is not available.
Note:  If the BD design has previously been generated, in some cases, a user may wish to use the previously generated BD and IP cores (from the older IP versions).
Before the Generate Block Design command can be run, the IP cores within the block design need to be upgraded.

In Vivado 2014.3 an informational message has been added to make it more clear why the command fails and what can be done to proceed.

[BD 41-1336] One or more IPs are locked in this design 'design_1.bd'. This command cannot be run until these IPs are unlocked. Please run report_ip_status for more details and recommendations on how to fix this issue.

AR# 62229
Date 01/14/2015
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.1
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