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AR# 62318

Vivado - Running "stop_gui" returns ERROR: [Common 17-417] stop_gui is not available without an active terminal


I have opened the Vivado IDE using the Windows Start menu.  

I want to close the GUI but still have the project open in the Tcl shell.

However when I run stop_gui I receive the error below.

ERROR: [Common 17-417] stop_gui is not available without an active terminal.


Once you stop the GUI on windows, you close the entire application.  

This is because the vvgl.exe executable is used in the startup menu to prevent a cmd shell from being opened and remaining open when Vivado is launched.  

Without the Tcl prompt / shell being open, there is nothing for Vivado to go to if you stop the GUI.

If you want to have a shell to fall back on first open a Vivado Tcl shell and then run start_gui.  

This will allow you to run stop_gui at any time and have the Tcl shell available when the GUI closes.

AR# 62318
Date 10/09/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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