AR# 62328


Vivado Sysgen - When MYVIVADO environment variable is set, Vivado Sysgen can produce errors when trying to open and modify Xilinx blocks or the Sysgen token


When I try to open a Xilinx block from within my Sysgen design for modification or review, I see the following warnings in the Matlab console and an Error is produced.

Warning: The System Generator GUI socket server timed out while waiting for an incoming socket connection. To tune the acceptTimeout value in the xlServerSocketOptions.m file. The xlServerSocketOptions.m file is on your MATLAB path and can be edited by typing 'edit xlServerSocketOptions.m' in the MATLAB console.
Warning: The following error was caught while executing 'xlSocketServer_impl' class destructor:
Java exception occurred:
                at com.xilinx.sysgen.socketinterface.RawSocketLayer.close(


The error is as follows:

Error evaluating 'OpenFcn' callback of Xilinx Counter Block block (mask) 'test_counter/Counter'

Why does this occur?

Can it be avoided?


This has been known to occur when a user has the MYVIVADO environment variable set in their system.

Disabling the MYVIVADO environment variable and closing and reopening Sysgen can work around this issue.

A CR has been filed for this to be addressed in a future release.


AR# 62328
Date 10/10/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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