AR# 62345


Vivado Sysgen - On some Redhat 6.x machines, generation of a model fails and returns a BLAS loading related error


Using Matlab R2013b/R2014a, I try to "Generate" my Sysgen design from the Sysgen token but it does not generate and reports an error:

--------------------------------- Version Log ----------------------------------
Version Path
System Generator 2014.2 /proj/xbuilds/2014.3_0811_1/installs/lin64/Vivado/2014.3
Matlab (R2014a) /tools/gensys/matlab/R2014a
Vivado 2014.2 /proj/xbuilds/2014.3_0811_1/installs/lin64/Vivado/2014.3
Summary of Errors:
Error 0001: Error using <a href="matlab:helpUtils.errorDocCallback('m...
Error 0001:
Reported by:
Error using <a href="matlab:helpUtils.errorDocCallback('mtimes')"
style="font-weight:bold"> * </a>
BLAS loading error:
dlopen: cannot load any more object with static TLS
Error in <a href="matlab:helpUtils.errorDocCallback('etime',
40)" style="font-weight:bold">etime</a> (<a href="matlab:
opentoline('/tools/gensys/matlab/R2014a/toolbox/matlab/timefun/etime.m',40,0)">line 40</a>)
t = 86400*(datenummx(t1(:,1:3)) - datenummx(t0(:,1:3))) + ...

Error in xlGather_phase2>end_timer (line 515)
Error in xlGather_phase2 (line 49)
Error in xlCompileGenerateMdl (line 189)
Error in xlGenerateButton (line 334)
Error in xlSysgenGUI (line 67)

Why does this occur?




This is due to an issue with the version of Matlab being used. 

For further assistance, please contact Xilinx Technical Support or The Mathworks.

This issue can be seen with both R2013b and R2014a and will be fixed in R2014b.
AR# 62345
Date 10/08/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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