AR# 62388


2014.3 SysGen - Waveform viewer never launches


I am using Vivado Sysgen with the waveform viewer.

When I try to simulate the design, a window appears stating that the waveform viewer is loading, but it hangs at this stage and never launches. 

If instead of using the waveform viewer, I remove it and probe with only scope blocks from Simulink, I receive an "Out of memory" error.

Why is this occurring?


This has been observed when using absolute sample rates (100MHz for example) rather than using normalized rates.

It has been determined that this is due to an out of memory error similar to that produced when using the scope blocks.

A fix has been put in place for 2014.4 and this will now error out correctly with an out of memory message and not crash.

To resolve the underlying problem, you should use normalized rates as described in the user guide.
Also, if possible, please upgrade to Vivado 2014.4.

If this is not possible or you need further assistance with this issue please contact Xilinx Technical Support.
AR# 62388
Date 11/24/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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