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MIG UltraScale - Is there an automated way to create MIG IP with a custom pin-out until MIG pin planning is integrated into I/O Pin Planner in 2015.1?


MIG UltraScale currently does not provide any easy to use flow for pre-existing pin-outs.  

Uploading an XDC file for initial pin-out creation or for pin modifications is not yet available. 

Currently, you have to open the MIG tool and manually enter all pins. 

Additionally, if IP changes are required, the manual pin selections have to be completely re-entered.  

Starting in Vivado 2015.1, MIG I/O pin planning will use the Vivado I/O Pin Planner.  

This will allow XDCs to be imported and I/O placements and mapping within the MIG IP will automatically be created. 

Until 2015.1 is available, this answer record contains a Tcl script that can be run to create the IP with an input XDC. 

Details on how to use the script are below.


Steps for usage of the get_mig_pin_mapping script:
1. Download and save the attached get_mig_pin_mapping.tcl script.
2. Configure the desired MIG UltraScale IP.
3. Select "OK" within the MIG tool to generate the IP but then select to "Skip" on the "Generate Output Products" prompt.


4. Within the Vivado Tcl console, change directories to the location of the previously downloaded get_mig_pin_mapping.tcl script.
5. Run the following commands:

source get_mig_pin_mapping.tcl
set properties [get_mig_pin_mapping -part xcku060-ffva1156-2-e-es2 -xdc mig_0.xdc]
set_property -dict $properties [get_ips mig_0]

Important Notes Regarding TCL Commands:

  • If the XDC containing the custom pinout is not located in the same directory as the Tcl script, add the appropriate path within the "set properties" command.
  • mig_0 is an example name of a MIG IP instance that needs to be updated.  Use the name given during core generation when executing the "set_property" command.
  • get_mig_pin_mapping -help can be used to get available help on script usage.
  • The part provided in the above "set properties" command is an example only.  Please update to the exact part number specific to the Vivado project.

6. Right click on the previously generated MIG xci file and select "Generate Output Products". 

This time select "Generate" to allow all files to be generated and, if selected, out of context Synthesis to be run.

The MIG IP is now configured according to the XDC pin-out input through the Tcl script and is ready for general use.


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