AR# 6245


2.1i: Timing Analyzer: Blockram components are not listed in RAM Sources/Destinations element types.


General Description:

When running timing analyzer on a virtex design using block ram, the

block ram elements are not displayed under Custom Filters in the RAM

element type. However, the SelectRam elements are available. From

the timing analyzer, Path Filters --> Custom Filters --> Select Sources or

Select Destinations will bring up the Select Sources/Destinations dialog

box. However, if RAMs is chosen as the Source Element Type, only the

SelectRAM elements are available. Any Block RAM elements do not

appear here.


While M1.5i does not include this, a workaround exists in software release

M2.1i. The Block Ram elements can be included in analysis if they are

assigned a TimeGroup name.

1. Then from the Timing Analyzer, select: Path Filters --> Custom Filters -->

Select Sources / Destinations will bring up the Select Sources/

Destinations dialog box.

2. From the drop down menu Source / Destination Element Types,

select TimeGroups.

3. The TimeGroup that was created for the Block Rams is now

available for selection and analysis.

AR# 6245
Date 01/18/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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