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2014.3 Vivado - Two AXI IPIF helper IPs (axi_master_lite_v3_0 and axi_slave_burst_v2_0) are no longer available


The two AXI IPIF helper IPs (axi_master_lite_v3_0 and axi_slave_burst_v2_0) along with proc_common_v4_0 have been removed from the 2014.3 Vivado installation directory.

These libraries might have been used by custom user IP cores prior to 2014.3.

These cores will not build when upgrading the IP in Vivado 2014.3 and later.


Because they were not used by any Xilinx IP, these cores have been deprecated and removed from Vivado, and are no longer tested by Xilinx.

To work around the issue for custom or older IP which use these libraries:

Unzip the following attachment in a directory, and set this path as an IP Repository in Vivado project settings.

Note: The attached file has been only tested on v2014.3.

Some source files in proc_common_v4_0 use library fifo_generator_v12_0.

In later versions of Vivado, you will need to match the library version of FIFO Generator to the one in your current Vivado version.

For example, in async_fifo_fg.vhd, change the following:

Old Version:

library fifo_generator_v12_0;
use fifo_generator_v12_0.all;

New Version:

library fifo_generator_v12_0_5;
use fifo_generator_v12_0_5.all;

( The library name fifo_generator_v12_0_5 is for FIFO Generator v12 Rev 5.)


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