AR# 62649


MIG UltraScale - GUI allows core generation even if all address and control byte lanes have not been selected


Version Found: MIG UltraScale v6.0
Version Resolved: See (Xilinx Answer 58435)

The MIG UltraScale GUI allows core generation with invalid Bank/Byte selection (for example where Addr/Cntrl-2 is left unassigned) which can lead to placer errors such as the following:

[Place 30-687] Expected cell DDR4_1/inst/u_ddr4_mem_intfc/u_ddr4_phy/u_ddr_xiphy/byte_num[0].xiphy_byte_wrapper.u_xiphy_byte_wrapper/I_BITSLICE_LOWER[0].GEN_RXTX_BITSLICE_EN.u_xiphy_bitslice_lower/xiphy_rxtx_bitslice be placed along with its associated I/O.
Please check if the cell is properly connected to any I/O.


To ensure valid Bank and Byte selection, open the MIG I/O Planner and run "Report DRC".

If no DRC errors are detected in the I/O Planner then proceed with IP core generation.

Revision History:
10/29/2014 - Initial Release

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AR# 62649
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