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AR# 62689

Vivado - How to open an rpx file in Vivado.


In Vivado 2014.3 and later, you can save a timing report as an XX.rpx file.

How can I open and use a saved .rpx file in Vivado?


You can open a .rpx file in Vivado with the following command:

open_report -name test 

Before using the open_report command, you should open the related design.

If you do not have any related project file or DCP on hand, you can open any design first (such as an example designs synthesized design) and execute the open_report command.

In this scenario, you cannot use the cross-probing function in Vivado.


AR# 62689
Date 11/27/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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