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AR# 62711

Licensing - The activation license entitlements in my license account are grayed out: XML not populated with machine identification


I have installed Vivado (2014.2 or later) and am trying to activate a node locked license via the Vivado License Manager (VLM). 

The licenses are grayed out and I cannot activate a license.

I have looked at the possible causes outlined in (Xilinx Answer 61574) and suggested in the note above the activation licenses.  

When I look at the request.xml file or the Xilinx_Connect_later.html file (Created from VLM; "Obtain License" -> "Save Link As ..." command) I see that there is missing system information.

  • No unm1, unm2, unm3 or unm4 information
  • No request hash (req_hash)
  • No uuid
  • No Sqn
  • No Machine_id

The content of the URL in the HTML file should look similar to the following:

CONTENT="0; URL=http://license.xilinx.com/getLicense?group=esd_oms&os=nt64&version=2014.4&licensetype=4&ea=247703b1ac69,844bf5c13c16,247703b1ac68,d067e551e51b&ds=12f7e29a&di=9-33cbc90b&hn=my_machine_name&umn1=0FC56B0FA31EB4532166BD5065E63A91A67E8259&umn2=0C52518CE2D7CEEE15400365381BD16043638F85&req_hash=53B973B2D3E475E81FF47B43C75544170B22EC20&uuid=53B973B2D3E475E81FF47B43C75544170B22EC20&isserver=0&sqn=77&trustedid=1&machine_id=F4686EE0A047C0F1DE14C1E7FC1650963AE64FFC&revision=DefaultOne&revisiontype=SRV&status=OK&isvirtual=0">



Without the machine information provided by a html or xml file, the License account has no way to create an activation license for the desired machine.  

Therefore the activation license entitlements will be grayed out.

This issue can occur if the machine trusted storage did not get initialized properly or was corrupted.

If the Trusted Storage needs to be re-initialized, running the following diagnostic commands will return errors as shown.

  • xlicclientmgr -v

U if untrusted
. D if disabled
. . fulfillmentType
. . . Expiry Count FulfillmentId  ProductId

ERROR: API function failed (50030,71521,1)
No fulfillment records in trusted storage

  • xlicclientmgr -cr request.xml

ERROR: flxActTransactionCreate failed 0
Exit(2) FLEXnet initialisation error.


  • xlicclientmgr -v "format=long"

Viewing application trusted storage.
ERROR: API function failed (50030,71521,1)
No fulfillment records in trusted storage.

  • xlicclientmgr -l format=xml

ERROR: flxActTransactionCreate failed 0
Exit(2) FLEXnet initialisation error.

To reinitialize trusted storage, run the following command:


  • installanchorservice.exe xilinxd Xilinx-Design-Suite-Software

Run from the folder where installanchorservice.exe is located.

For example:



  • install_fnp.sh

Run from the folder where install_fnp.sh is located.

For example:


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AR# 62711
Date 04/16/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.3
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.4
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