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AR# 62786

2014.2 Vivado - designprops.xml is missing after constraint (mark debug) modification


I have a synthesized design which can be opened without issue.

However, when I set the mark_debug attribute on a net in the synthesized design and reopen the synthesized design with the following steps, an error occurs.

Steps to add mark_debug attribute:

  •   open project
  •   open top.xdc
  •   open synth_design
  •   set_property mark_debug false [get_nets [list in_reg_third]]
  •   save design
  •   close design
  •   refresh top.xdc
  •   open synth_design

Error message:

  Parsing XDC File [xx/project_1.srcs/constrs_1/imports/src/top.xdc]
  Finished Parsing XDC File [xx/project_1.srcs/constrs_1/imports/src/top.xdc]
  ERROR: [Common 17-48] File not found: xx/project_1.ioplanning/constrs_1/designprops.xml




This issue is fixed in Vivado 2014.3.

To work around this issue in Vivado 2014.2, you can export the DCP after setting the mark_debug attribute. 

The generated DCP can be used for ILA inserting and implementation.

AR# 62786
Date 03/04/2015
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.2
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