AR# 62795

Vivado 2014.3 and later - BRAM and FIFO UNIFAST models have been removed


In Vivado 2014.3 and later releases, BRAM and FIFO models are not included in the UNIFAST simulation library:



A number of issues have been reported with UNIFAST BRAM and FIFO models when they are involved in GT based design. 

The limitation of features supported in fast BRAM/FIFO models versus the full models can make it difficult to take advantage of the simulation run time speed-up for GT.

One example is where the PCIe IP Example Design is using RAMB36E1 in a mode that is not supported by the fast model.

CLKARDCLK and CLKBWRCLK of RAMB36E1 are driven by a synchronous clock.

There is no sync clocks/collision support in the UNIFAST library for RAMB36E1. 

Therefore if "-L unifast" is enabled, simulation fails with a time out error.

Because BRAM and FIFO UNIFAST models are rarely used and the runtime gain is less than 50% on these models, they have been removed from the list of UNIFAST models.

Please refer to each release of (UG900) Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Logic Simulation for a list of UNIFAST library models and their feature differences from the full models.

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