AR# 62803


2014.3 Vivado Sysgen - Concat feature within the DSP48E1 and DSP48 Macro 3.0 does not work as expected in simulation


Sysgen does not correctly handle the operations based on the A:B concatenation on both the DSP48 Macro and the DSP48E1 block.

The A:B input is not taken into account.


This is a known issue in 2014.3 Vivado Sysgen C-Model simulation and is due to be fixed in 2014.4.

Please update to 2014.4 to avoid this issue for the DSP48 Macro block. 

For the DSP48E1 block, a fix is due in the 2015.1 release.

If it not possible to upgrade to Vivado Sysgen 2014.4 or if further assistance is needed, please contact Xilinx Technical Support.




AR# 62803
Date 11/24/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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