AR# 6288


ABEL: Registered Sets cannot be assigned using HEX, Octal, Binary or Decimal representation


Keywords: XABEL, Abel, .abl, register, set, bus, assignment, radix, incorrect value

Urgency: Standard

General Description: When making an assignment to a registered bus like:

MyBus := 5;
MyBus := ^h5;

the bus elements are not implemented correctly.


For Abel versions before 7.20:
Using the binary, octal, decimal, or hex representation works with combinatorial
set assignments or relational operators (==, >=, >,etc...). However, when using
registered set assignments the actual set needs to be used.


Bus0..Bus2 PIN mistype 'Greg';
My Bus = [Bus..Bus]; "This creates a registered set.

My Bus := [1,0,1]; "is the same as

"Bus0 := '1';
"Bus1 := '0';
"Bus2 := '1';

ABEL 7.20 and later allows registered set assignments to be made with the
various radix notations.
AR# 6288
Date 03/22/2005
Status Archive
Type General Article
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