AR# 63165


MIG 7 Series DDR2/DDR3 v2.3- Additional BUFG added in "opt_design" for the "freq_refclk" can lead to minimum pulse width timing violations


Version Found: MIG 7 Series v2.3
Version Resolved: See (Xilinx Answer 54025)

Opt_design adds a BUFG between the PLL output clock "freq_refclk" and the FREQREFCLK input to the PHASER_IN in the PHY. 

This can cause minimum pulse width violations in the MIG design.


It can be seen in the implementation log files that the "retarget" phase in "opt_design" has added this BUFG to the PLL output:

Phase 1 Retarget
INFO: [Opt 31-138] Pushed 10 inverter(s) to 78 load pin(s).
INFO: [Opt 31-194] Inserted BUFG ClkFreq_BUFG_inst to drive 22 load(s) on clock net ClkFreq
INFO: [Opt 31-193] Inserted 1 BUFG(s) on clock nets
INFO: [Opt 31-49] Retargeted 0 cell(s).

This extra BUFG is not required and should be removed. 

The issue can be worked around with the following options:

1) Avoid running the "retarget" option when running "opt_design"

2) Set the following parameter to disable BUFG insertion.

Do this prior to running "opt_design"
set_param logicopt.enableBUFGinsertCLK 0

3) Modify the MIG core directly to include "DONT_TOUCH" attributes on the clock output signals from the PLL going to the PHASERs:

(* dont_touch="true" *) wire        freq_refclk;
(* dont_touch="true" *) wire        mem_refclk;
(* dont_touch="true" *) wire        sync_pulse;

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1/21/2015 - Initial Release

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