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AR# 63185

2014.4 Vivado Partial Reconfiguration - "HDPostRouteDRC-04" message reporting the parent name of a net from static logic, which is confusing


In my Partial Reconfiguration design, I get a contain/exclude routing error at the end of routing.

ERROR: [Constraints 18-901] HDPostRouteDRC-04: the net u_tdec0/u_hdec_perph/sym_buffer_blk/ftt_blk/QVHDL_td_interleaver_length_3/O387 does not honor the contain/exclude routing due to routing nodes: INT_X32Y283/NN1_E_BEG7 INT_X32Y283/SDNDNW_E_15_FTN INT_X32Y284/EE1_E_BEG7 INT_X32Y284/INT_NODE_SINGLE_DOUBLE_5_INT_OUT

The issue with this message is that the net "u_tdec0/u_hdec_perph/sym_buffer_blk/ftt_blk/QVHDL_td_interleaver_length_3/O387"  logically is NOT a net from the RM itself.

This could be confusing, especially as it is a contain routing violation. 


Physically, it is a boundary parent net from static logic, which has subnets outside of the RP, and subnets inside the RP.

It would be clearer to report the subnet name in the HDPostRouteDRC-04 message.


From the 2015.1 release of Vivado on, the subnet name is reported in the HDPostRouteDRC-04 message instead of the parent name.
AR# 63185
Date 02/19/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.4
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