AR# 63289


Vivado Sysgen 2014.4 - Why is the Cordic IP magnitude output always 0 when translate function is selected when running sysgen simulation?


When the translate function is selected in CORDIC in Vivado Sysgen 2014.4 and I run simulation for the model, the CORDIC magnitude output is always 0.

A second similar issue also occurs:

When the CORDIC is set to square root, the output width is truncated to 16 bits.

Hence the max value of output is 65535.

If the value is supposed to be 65536, the CORDIC will output 0.


This is an issue with Vivado Sysgen in the hybrid simulation model in CORDIC.

The issue can be worked around by forcing Sysgen to use XSIM.


Here are the steps to set the simulation type to XSIM:

Set the below preference switches in the Matlab command window.

a = xlGetPrefs(); 
a.set_sim_type_xsim = 1  

The issue will be fixed in the 2015.1 release.

AR# 63289
Date 02/13/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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