AR# 63345


JESD204 v6.0 PG066 Product Guide - Table 2-30 Error Reporting bits are swapped


In (PG066), JESD204 v6.0, Table 2-30 contains the register description for the Error Reporting (RX Only) register:



Bit 8 and bit 0 appear to be swapped when compared to the jesd204_0_block.v file.  

Which is correct?


The file jesd204_0_block.v is correct.  

Table 2-30 in (PG066) should show the following:


Disable Error Reporting using SYNC interface is bit 8.

Link Error Counters enable is bit 0.

This is corrected in v6.1 of the Product Guide, (PG066).

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AR# 63345
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