AR# 63351


Xilinx Service Portal Solution Center


The Service Portal Solution Center is available to address all questions related to using the Xilinx Service Portal, and creating or viewing Service Requests.


For information on logging into the Xilinx Service Portal, see (Xilinx Answer 64535) 

For information on creating a Service Request with Xilinx, see (Xilinx Answer 64454)

For information on doing any of the following with an existing service request, see (Xilinx Answer 64457)

  • Check the most recent status and the history of the Service Request.
  • Add an attachment, or view existing attachments.
  • Request to close the Service Request.
  • Re-open a closed Service Request.
  • View Answer Records which have been linked to your Service Request.
  • View Change Requests which have been linked to your Service Request.

Known Issues:

(Xilinx Answer 66561) Service Portal - Loop issue when trying to log in
AR# 63351
Date 02/11/2016
Status Active
Type Solution Center
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