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How do I buy from a Xilinx Distributor?


When would I want to buy from a Xilinx Distributor instead of direct from the Xilinx Online Store?
How can I locate an Authorized Xilinx Distributor?


The Xilinx standard purchasing model is through Distribution. 

Xilinx Authorized Distributors offer a comprehensive set of Xilinx design tools, IP cores, devices, development boards and kits. 

Step 1. Click here for a list of Xilinx Authorized Distributors

Step 2. Select the country nearest to where you are located. 

Step 3. Contact your Distributor via one of the available options.

When would I want to buy from a Xilinx Distributor instead of direct from the Xilinx Online Store?

In any of the following scenarios, Xilinx recommends you purchase via one of our Xilinx Authorized Distributors:

  • Require sales assistance with product selection
  • Want to purchase IP and/or Silicon
  • Qualify for University pricing
  • Want to buy with a purchase order
  • Require a written quotation
  • Want to purchase tax exempt
AR# 63357
Date 06/12/2020
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