AR# 63366

XPE - When opening an XPE file the Macros do not appear to be working, why?


When I open a previously working XPE file sometimes it can appear to not work.

The "Import File", "Export File" buttons do not work and changes to the power parameters do not change the results.

Also I am no longer prompted to "Enable Macros" when opening my XPE file.


This is not an issue with the XPE file, it is related to Excel and how it handles the Macros.

Microsoft Security updates can cause Form Controls, Macros or ActiveX controls to stop working in Excel.

In order to resolve this the following should be done:

  1. Close ALL Office Applications (Word, Excel, Outlook etc..)
  2. Search C drive for *.exd
  3. Delete all files found.
  4. Restart Excel (new .exd files will auto create)

Here is an example of the search, multiple .exd files can be found.

ALL should be deleted:


AR# 63366
Date 03/11/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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