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2014.4 - ModelSim DE/PE - How do I run the AXI BFM Example Design in Vivado 2014.4?


How do I run the AXI BFM Example Design in Vivado 2014.4 when the target simulator is ModelSim DE/PE?


To successfully simulate a design with AXI BFM in ModelSim DE/PE in Vivado 2014.4, follow the steps below:

1) Open Vivado 2014.4 in 32-bit mode.

From a command prompt, run the following:

vivado -m32

2) Turn off unified simulation by running the following command in the Vivado Tcl Console:

set_param project.enableUnifiedSimulation 0

(This is done because 32-bit ModelSim does not support the vopt command.)

3) Compile the simulation libraries in 32-bit mode:

compile_simlib -simulator modelsim -32bit

4) Generate the AXI BFM IP.

5) Generate the .do file.

  • Change the target simulator to ModelSim/Questa, and enable "Generate scripts only" in Simulation Settings
  • Run simulation

6) Modify the generated .do file so that the path to libxil_vsim.dll has win32.o in its path rather than .o





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