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2014.4 SDK - LwIP PHY Support


Does LwIP support all PHYs using the CONFIG_LINKSPEED_AUTODETECT BSP/LwIP setting?

A design with Micrel PHY set to 1Gb/s or 100Mb/s only shows 10Mb/s in the UART output when the SDK LwIP Echo SW application is run:


-----lwIP TCP echo server ------

TCP packets sent to port 6001 will be echoed back

Start PHY autonegotiation

Waiting for PHY to complete autonegotiation.

autonegotiation complete

link speed: 10

DHCP Timeout

Configuring default IP of

Board IP:

Netmask :

Gateway :

TCP echo server started @ port 7



All PHYs are not supported.

To use a PHY other than the Marvell PHY please follow these steps:

The following is the basic flow followed in the LwIP for autonegotiation mode.

  1. Detect the PHY address. Generally poll the register 2 (PHY identifier 1) and 3 (PHY identifier 2) for each possible PHY address (0 to 31).
    On seeing valid entries (non FF) for a PHY address, register the detected PHY address.
  2. For the PHY address detected, write to register 2, Control Register MAC (page 2) to set proper RGMII Rx and Tx timing control bits.
  3. For the PHY address detected, configure the register 4 (autoneg copper advertisement reg) for 100 and 10 Mbps for relevant values.
    You can also configure fields such as asymmetric pause and pause in this register.
  4. For the PHY address detected, configure the register 9 (1000 BaseT control register) to advertise 1000 Mbps (if gigabit mode is to be supported).
  5. Enable autonegotiation in register 0 (control reg) and restart autoneg through register 0 (control reg).
  6. Wait until autoneg is over by reading register 1 (status register).
  7. Once autoneg is over, read the copper specific status register (register 17, page 0 for Marvell PHY 88E1116R) to find the negotiated speed and duplex.
  8. Until autoneg is complete, periodically read an error status register (for Marvell PHY 88E1116R, it is register page 0, register 19, copper specific status register 2) to notify autoneg of errors if any.

Please note that the above is the flow that Xilinx implements assuming Marvell PHYs.

As per IEEE 802.3 standards, the first 15 registers are the standard registers that each PHY vendor must implement.

Anything beyond that is vendor specific.

If you are using PHY other than Marvell, examine their specifications and find the corresponding register definitions, then update the code accordingly.

AR# 63495
Date 09/25/2020
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