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AR# 63567

FMC XM105 UG537 (v1.3) - Table 1-1 lists Xilinx FMC supported Boards not Table 1-3


(UG537) FMC XM105 Debug Card User Guide (v1.3) page 13 states "Xilinx boards listed in Table 1-3 provide fixed 2.5V power to VADJ pins of the FMC HPC connector." 

However Table 1-3 lists the FMC HPC Connections rather than the Xilinx boards.

Where are the Xilinx boards listed? 

What is the default VADJ value for 7 Series kits?


The reference in (UG537) to Table 1-3 on page 13 above the table is incorrect. 

The intended reference is Table 1-1 which identifies Xilinx 6 series evaluation kits SP601, SP605, and ML605. 

These boards have a fixed 2.5V VADJ voltage.

The 7 Series kits AC701, KC705, VC707, ZC702 and ZC706 have variable VADJ capability.

VADJ for the VC709 is fixed at 1.8V.

Please reference the particular Evaluation Kit User Guide together with the board schematic, to determine that particular boards VADJ voltage setting.

AR# 63567
Date 02/19/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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  • FMC XM105
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