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AR# 63586

XAPP589/XAPP1241 v2.3 or later - How can I access the Hardware Version register?


XAPP589 v2.3 contains a Hardware Version register.

How can it be accessed?

What is it used for?


The Hardware Version register is for debug purposes only. 

It allows matching of the actual netlist with the documentation.

The version is also reported during the pre_opt.tcl and will be issued as an INFO PICXO-021 message.


Currently, the register can only be accessed with the Vivado debugger post synthesis. 

The register is removed by opt_design if you do not change its property with DONT_TOUCH or MARK_DEBUG.

To obtain the list of nets, open the synthesized design and enter the following tcl command: 

get_nets -hier -filter {picxo_ver_num == "true"}.

You can then set the property MARK_DEBUG on these nets to connect them to the Vivado ILA debugger.

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AR# 63586
Date 04/14/2016
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