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AR# 63637

2015.x Licensing - Running lmremove on trusted storage license results in "lmutil.exe has stopped working"


The lmutil help lists the lmremove option with usage information:

usage:  lmremove [-c licfile] feature user host display
        lmremove [-c licfile] -h feature host port handle
        lmremove [-c licfile] [-tsborrow <client_host>] | [-tsborrowstat]

However, if I attempt to use this command option for my activation based (trusted storage) license, a message appears stating that "lmutil.exe has stopped working"


The lmutil crash happens when there is a borrowable activation license in the server's trusted storage, but the license file used to start lmgrd does not have any FEATURE line.

For Example: The crash happens for this floating.lic:

SERVER this_host ANY
DAEMON xilinxd

The following license file content could be used instead to avoid the possibility of an lmutil crash from this option:

SERVER this_host ANY
DAEMON xilinxd
FEATURE f1 xilinxd 1.000 permanent 4 71B29D509C13

AR# 63637
Date 05/29/2015
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite
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