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AR# 63647

Vivado Implementation - ERROR: [Place 30-494] The design is empty


After opening a .dcp file in Vivado, after synthesis optimization, it is not clear how to run implementation.
After linking the top design, an empty project error is seen.
Steps followed:


Read_checkpoint my.dcp
Link_design or link_design name top_name 


ERROR: [Place 30-494] The design is empty

Why does this error occur?


The following will result in a blank design:

open_checkpoint top.dcp


Because Open Checkpoint already loads a design, issuing an additional "link_design" command will actually open an empty design in parallel, and this design will be the active design. 

The correct way to handle this is to either use "add_files" with link_design, or just open_checkpoint without link_design.
Example 1:

add_files top.dcp
add_files top.xdc
link_design -top <top> -part <part>

Example 2:

open_checkpoint top.dcp
read_xdc top.xdc

AR# 63647
Date 03/24/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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