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AR# 63662

2014.4 Vivado - User Created DRC fails to be reported as proper severity


I have created a new DRC and set the SEVERITY to CRITICAL WARNING or ERROR.

However, when report_drc runs, it is reported as only a WARNING.

For Example: 

I use commands similar to the following to create the DRC and set the severity:

set msg "This is my message"
create_drc_violation -name {my_message-1} -msg $msg $bram ]    
create_drc_check -name {my_message-1}   -hiername {RAMB Checks}   -desc {Data Width Check}  -rule_body dataWidthCheck
set_property SEVERITY {CRITICAL WARNING} [get_drc_checks my_message-1]

When I run report_drc, I find the SEVERITY of user defined DRC my_message-1 is still WARNING, instead of CRITICAL WARNING.  

my_message-1#1 Warning
Data Width Check
On cell XX, WRITE_WIDTH_B is 36
Related violations: <none>




In Vivado 2014.4 there is a default of Warning for user-defined checks. 

However, there is no option to overwrite the default.

In Vivado 2015.1, the default of Warning is removed from the create_drc_violation and if your DRC has no -severity option, the severity is gathered from the checks SEVERITY property.


set_property severity Error [get_drc_checks <check-id>]

AR# 63662
Date 03/04/2015
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.4
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