AR# 63789


UltraScale DDR3 - (HR banks only) When targeting the top data rates supported for -2/-3 speed grades, it is required to target a memory device one speed grade faster than the target data rate


Version Found: DDR3 v7.0

Version Resolved: See (Xilinx Answer 69036)

When targeting a DDR3/DDR3L memory in HR banks for -2/-3 UltraScale speed grades, it is required for the memory devices selected to be one speed grade higher than the target memory data rate.  

This is only required when targeting the top supported data rates. 

For example, a target data rate of 1066Mbps requires a 1333Mbps memory part.

The UltraScale memory interface tool does not currently enforce this frequency requirement.


Please ensure when targeting DDR3/DDR3L within a -2/-3 HR bank, that the memory part selected is one speed grade faster than the memory data rate.

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AR# 63789
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