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Zynq-7000 SoC: Unverified NAND support guidelines


I have a NAND flash which is not listed in the supported QSPI list (Xilinx Answer 50991) but from the datasheet it looks like has the same functionality as some of the families listed.

Can I use it with Zynq?

What guidelines or design considerations should I follow?


Please download the attached NAND Flash Support Guide.

The main objective of this document is to provide users with a conceptual background for finding compatible flash solutions for the Zynq BootROM and PS SMC controller.

In addition, this document gives examples to illustrate how u-boot can be edited to support on board programming for compatible flashes.

Xilinx recommends choosing a Xilinx Tested and Supported Flash from (Xilinx Answer 50991) but if this is not possible, you can use the attached Guidelines to validate and verify a flash from one of the following categories:

  • Known to Work Flash Devices - These devices are not explicitly supported in the Xilinx tools, but have been known to work with Zynq-7000 devices.
    Many of these devices are programmed using U-Boot as an alternate programming method, but source changes to U-Boot might have to be made by users in order to configure that specific device.
  • Unverified Flash Devices - These devices have not been tested in any way by Xilinx with Zynq-7000 devices.
    There are NO known issues (but possible limitations) for these devices.
    The user will be responsible for validating the flash on Zynq-7000, making necessary changes to U-Boot and configuring the device.


Xilinx Technical Support will not be able to provide assistance with designs using "Known to Work" or "Unverified" flash devices.

Xilinx can only provide assistance for the devices listed as 'Xilinx Tested and Supported' in (Xilinx Answer 50991)


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